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"I love working with Melissa. Her editorial feedback is clear, and any clarifying questions she poses serve to foster my own writing skills in their ongoing development. Melissa is professional in her attention to detail and adherence to both predictable and shifting deadlines. I recommend her as a valuable addition to any writing or publication project."

—Kim Davids Manadar, author and magazine publisher for Best Version Media Canada

"After working with Melissa for over a year on a monthly basis, I can attest to her skill as an editor. Melissa does not impose her own style or attempt to give the piece her own spin. She makes careful grammatical suggestions that enhance the story. She is collegial in her style and respectful of the writer’s offerings. She understands the working relationship well."

—Susan Garrod-Schuster, author

"Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful for Melissa's expert eyes on my manuscript. She provided insightful perspectives and helped sculpt the content in a way that made me think about why I had made the choices I had made. Her editorial help has made me a better writer." 

—Shanon Dawn, author of The Marriage Prescription

"We have hired Melissa a number of times for her editorial services on our course curriculum. She makes the revision process easy for us. Her communication and work style are clear and efficient. She is a pleasure to work with, and we will continue to use her services for our course development needs."

—Valerie Zucculo, Simon Fraser University

"Melissa was my student in the online copy-editing course of Ryerson University’s Chang School. Throughout this 13-week intense session, Melissa demonstrated a keen editorial sense, a sharp editorial eye, and diplomacy when it came to sticky authorial matters. She is a meticulous copy editor and stylistic editor, with a firm handle on how much intervention is needed—meaning she is neither heavy-handed nor light-handed in her editing but gets it just right. I believe Melissa would be a strong asset to any editorial team; I know I would be happy to have her on mine." 

—Judy Phillips, editor

"Every business needs an editor like Melissa. She is meticulous, respectful, and tactful. She helps make our business communications clear and concise, and she is a pleasure to work with. There is nothing like a professional editor to help take your work to the next level. I highly recommend Melissa's editing services." 

Joelle Rodenburgh, owner of AFYA Skin and Body Clinic

"Melissa's attention to detail is impeccable! Some artists paint, others dance, and others write music . . . Melissa edits words. The dedication she shows and passion she has for her craft are admirable qualities. I am so incredibly grateful to have her on my editing team."

Leah De Spiegelaere, magazine publisher for Best Version Media Canada

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